@giowrs - created 03/25/20 / most recent update 03/30/21 - i am not a medical professional!!! please take everything i say with a grain of salt & stay safe <3

hi! you look like youre in need of assistance. is there anything i can do to help?

what do you need assistance with ?

im glad to hear youre okay ! if theres anything i can do to help, just let me know

thanks for stopping by ! if you ever need help again ill be here, and most importantly, remember its okay to not be okay

if you or a friend are ever in need, there are many resources available to help you understand mental illnesses and help you if youre in need
please keep in mind that calling certain hotlines may end up in the police being sent to the callers house. this may put some people in more danger depending on the situation!! be safe please, and dont worry, there are many resources to help still! i recommend using tools listed in the other categories first to regulate yourself then coming back here if youre still in need of help. not every hotline will work for you, some hotlines are known to not be helpful & im not sure exactly which ones are like that so i tried to provide as many as i can.
with any questions you may have about borderline personality disorders contact the NAMI HelpLine at 800-950-6264
or their website

Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) provides information on prevention, treatment and symptoms of anxiety, depression and related conditions
their number is (240-485-1001)
Treatment and Research Advancements for Borderline Personality Disorder (TARA) offers a referral center for information, support, education and treatment options for BPD
their number is (888-482-7227)
Sidran Institute helps people understand, manage and treat trauma and dissociation; maintains a helpline for information and referrals
their number is (410-825-8888)
Samaritans is an international suicide hotline. when you call Samaritans, your number is not displayed to the volunteer.
UK Crisis Help, Anywhere in the UK or Ireland is 116 123
The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning LGBTQ people under 25. Available 24/7/365.
The Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386 or text “START” to 678678.
The national sexual assault hotline is a safe, confidential service. only the first six numbers of the phone number are used to route the call
Rape, Sexual Assault, Abuse, and Incest National Network is (800) 656-HOPE
International OCD Foundation provides information on OCD and treatment referrals
their number is (617-973-5801)
Crisis Text Line: Text REASON to 741741 (free, confidential and 24/7)
The National Eating Disorders Center Helpline is (800) 931-2237
open monday-friday 9-9pm
Get general information on mental health and locate treatment services in your area. Speak to a live person, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. SAMHSA Treatment Referral Helpline, 1-877-SAMHSA7 (1-877-726-4727)
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): This organization has a variety of methods for you to communicate with knowledgeable people about mental health issues. In addition to the phone line, there is a live online chat option. available Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.
their number is (866) 615-6464
National Hopeline Network: Available 365 days a year, volunteers who staff this toll-free hotline are specially trained in crisis intervention to provide support, information, and referrals to people in need.
their number is (800) 442-HOPE (4673).
PTSD Foundation of America, Veteran Line: Providing referrals, information, and helpful resources to veterans and their families, this toll-free hotline is available 24/7.
their number is (877) 717-PTSD (7873).
Youthspace Text Line (across Canada): Text 778-783-0177 from 6 p.m. to midnight daily.
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Eating Disorders
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday
loveisrespect, National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
(866) 331-9474
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
(310) 855-HOPE (4673)
(800) TLC-TEEN (852-8336) (U.S. and Canada only)
Or text TEEN to 839863
6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific Time, every night


is this all you need?

feeling overwhelmed & stressed?

its okay to feel overwhelmed, life is crazy sometimes, youre not being dramatic, youre doing just fine! take a few minutes if you can & just breathe, take some time to ground yourself and be aware of your surroundings. theres lots of things you can do to help yourself if you dont have somebody there to do that for you.

to relax you can
-take a bath
-write or color
-do grounding / breathing exercises
-drink some tea
-take a nap

bottom line is, life is overwhelming. you might be in school, you might have a job, or even just the demanding expectations in everyday life can cause crazy amounts of stress, everyone needs a break every now and then. youre doing great! im so proud of you :D

for more resources for help click here

did you get everything you need?

feeling depressed & tired?

sometimes it gets really hard to get out of bed, trust me i get that. youre not lazy youre not a failure, youre just going through a really hard time and its okay to work on that at your own pace.

though it may seem like you have nothing to live for and life is pointless, you might have suicidal thoughts, i can assure you that people love you, you are important and your feelings are valid. you deserve love no matter what head space youre in. if you dont have people to remind you of that when you need it, just know im always here for each and every one of you.

even i struggle with this personally, but its important to take care of yourself.
-get out of bed: i know its hard, but once youre up its so much easier to do the things you need to do that day. i believe in you & im rooting for you!

-take care of yourself: shower, wash your face, brush your teeth.
make sure youre eating well and getting a lil sunlight too. once you put in that effort to get clean its going to be a lot easier to do things because you dont feel icky and smelly, its just one less thing to worry about.

-take care of your loved ones: i know it can be really difficult sometimes, especially if you have family issues, but surrounding yourself with the people you love can make you feel so much better, even if its a pet or a friend, take that step, i believe in you!

-take your meds: i know if you feel like theyre not working, it might feel like theres no point but not taking prescribed medicine might make you feel worse than if you actually do. write it on your mirror, set an alarm, have a friend or family member remind you, make it an important thing that you do everyday and soon it will become a habit

-meditate: i know it might sound stupid but its actually really helpful, whether its to help you go to sleep, help you wake up in the morning, or calm u down when youre anxious, meditation can be super great for your mind and body. even 5 minutes watching a guided meditation on youtube can change your whole day.

-seek help: even though sometimes its exhausting, talking about your problems is very helpful. if you dont have a therapist thats okay, maybe talk with a trusted friend or family member. if you dont have anyone to talk to, writing helps a lot & its really great to use to look at your progress! giving yourself the resources to get better and heal makes a difference & it makes everything so much easier, it takes time, but it truly does help

overall, all of these things are hard, i get that. and if youre not there yet to start doing all of these at one time, thats okay too! one thing at a time, one day at a time, you got this!

for more resources for help click here

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feeling anxious and scared?

recognize your triggers. what caused you to be anxious, why are you anxious in the first place? do you even know why youre anxious? all of these are questions you should ask yourself when to keep everything from spiraling out of control.
if you feel your anxiety getting worse, there are things you can do to help manage this a bit.
-box breathing (theres lots of names for it but thats just what i call it) try breathing in for 4 counts, holding for 4 counts and breathing out for 4 counts and then holding for 4 counts for 5 minutes total. by evening out your breath, you’ll slow your heart rate which should help calm you down. the 4-7-8 technique is also known to help anxiety. ( inhale for 4, hold for 7, exhale for 8)

here are some other breathing exercise gifs

some common triggers for anxiety are:

-a stressful job or work environment
driving or traveling
-genetics, anxiety could run in your family
-withdrawal from drugs or certain medications
-side effects of certain medications
-phobias, such as agoraphobia (fear of crowded or open spaces) and claustrophobia (fear of small spaces)
-some chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, or asthma
-having another mental illness

meditation is very helpful for anxiety too, guided meditations work really well for me personally, so i hope thats the case for you too! this 20 min one, this one for panic attacks, and this 5 min one are all very helpful

remember that anxiety attacks and panic attacks ate different things !
both panic and anxiety can involve fear, a pounding or racing heart, lightheadedness, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and irrational thoughts. but in a panic attack, these are far more severe. the person may genuinely believe they are going to die.

what to do to calm an anxiety or panic attack?
breathe deeply
splash water on your face
take an epsom salt bath
massage your scalp
listen to calming music
do something physical

obviously these are just basic things & everyone is different, some might work some might not. personally something that works for me is the 5-4-3-2-1 method: name 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.

did you get everything you need?

feeling numb & blank ?

this happens to me a lot too, like a burnout. you can feel really apathetic and its really easy to stay in a state of numbness. these types of feelings can affect your ability to keep a job, maintain relationships, and enjoy life. everybody experiences this from time to time, situational apathy is completely normal

get out of bed, you may feel like staying in bed all day, but the key to getting your motivation back starts with simply putting your feet on the ground in the morning and getting out of bed. try and get dressed for the day If you stay in your pajamas all day, it's easy for your brain to let the rest of you off the hook too.

track your success, success and confidence can initiate a positive cycle. at the end of each day, find a journal and write down at least three ways that you were successful that day. it helps more than you think!

rely on your support system, even if you’re having trouble connecting, reach out to the people who love you. they may be able to help you connect, and you might find relief in telling them what youre going through.

remember that this is something that happens to most people, i understand its hard to believe but you are not alone

for more resources for help click here

did you get everything you need?


showing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

common symptoms associated with emotional numbness

-feeling disconnected from your body or thoughts (dissociation)
-feeling detached from the outside world (derealization)
-feeling like stranger or outsider in one’s own life (depersonalization)
-feeling dead or not-alive
-feeling empty or hollow
-feeling meaningless, worthless, or hopeless
-withdrawal from social settings
lack of emotional senses, processing, and responses
-feeling disconnected from memories or memory loss
-feeling crazy or mentally unstable
-feeling emotionally and physically exhausted regardless of exercise level or amount of sleep
-failing to enjoy activities or hobbies

if you are feeling suicidal please dont do anything harmful to yourself. you are important and loved. you are valuable and precious on this earth and i know you can find the strength to keep going. if you have plan or intent to hurt yourself please tell a trusted loved one so you arent alone. if youre a danger to yourself please contact the authorities to keep yourself safe. you matter, youre important & loved

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